Cleaning A Fabric Couch

Couches can offer comfiness when relaxing. This comfort can, however, be cut short by dirt. This accumulates over time. Spills, crumbs, hair and other dirty materials may build up as time goes by. It is important for you to clean your couch regularly. The following tips can help in cleaning a fabric couch:

1. Be Quick On Stains

The best way to clean a couch is to remove stains immediately they appear. As soon as one spills something on a couch, cleaning should occur. Waiting even for minutes may lead to a spill getting absorbed into the fabric. This makes it harder to remove.

2. Use A Dry Brush

Loose particles can be removed using a dry brush. This brush needs to be stiff and have natural bristles. It is able to bring dirt within a couch to the surface. This makes it easier to remove.

3. Vacuum

This ensures that dirt and debris are sucked out of your couch. Make sure that you clean crevices within the couch. Food crumbs may accumulate within crevices.

Cushions should also be vacuumed. Vacuuming removes any dirt and loose particles lodged with a couch. It is now easier to focus on tough stains.

If you saw a bed bug or insects in your couch you should call a bed bug exterminator to kill bugs not just in your couch but also to your whole house. Seattle has great treatments to exterminate bed bugs in your home.

4. Clean Metallic And Wooden Areas

These parts of couches are often overlooked. Ensure that you wipe the non-fabric parts of a couch. Water and soap can be used to wipe the feet of a couch.

5. Removing Stains

Cleaning a couch involves stain removal. You can either use commercial cleaners or natural ingredients for this task. You should find out the exact fabric you are dealing with.

Couches with the label WS require mild detergents for cleaning. This is accompanied by a steam vacuum. An S label requires a dry cleaning detergent only. An X label, on the other hand, needs vacuuming only. Lastly, a couch labeled W should be cleaned using water.

These labels need to be followed while cleaning a couch. This is the only way that you will not damage the quality of your couch. Drying your couch is important after cleaning it. This prevents the growth of mold.  But if your couch has molded, and you cannot remove it by yourself, you can call a mold cleaning service to clean and remove it for you.

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