Great Ideas for House Renovations on a Budget

Are you hoping to breathe new life into your home by way of renovations without breaking the bank? Check out these great ideas.

1. Update Your Closet Doors

Tired of ugly bi-fold closet doors? Grab some hollow door cores and add some wooden panels to make a base. Paint these any color you wish (you may need to use two coats, depending on your paint choice) and place some beautiful hinges and door pulls to finish off your new closet doors. Not only will these brighten up your room, but you will also be able to access your closet space in an easier manner. For extra visual appeal, paint your closet doors a contrasting color to your walls.

2. Use Beadboard for Your Ceilings

One excellent way to get rid of popcorn ceilings is to install beadboard to replace it. This is an especially great look inside bedroom spaces. While this is an inexpensive project, make sure that you measure your ceiling very carefully before cutting the beadboard to fit it. If you want to add a stair or walkways find an affordable concrete builder.

3. Update Counters and Drawers

Tired of old and stuffy counters and drawers in your kitchen or bathrooms? You can completely change the feel of these by painting them a new, bright shade or even simply changing out pulls and handles. Each option is relatively inexpensive, and pulls and handles can be found easily in any home improvement or hardware store. You can also replace your old roofs. There are professional roofing contractors in Maui that help you replace your old roofs and install a quality new roofs.

4. Add Crown Molding

Crown molding can turn a simple room into one with sophistication and elegance with little money spent. Fortunately, there are a plethora of design choices available, and you can order crown molding online or pick some up from your local home improvement store. Depending on what you choose, it should cost between $100 and $300, and you can easily install it over the weekend. You can also customize your decks from a company that offers great and budget-friendly prices. Binghamton has a great deck builder.

5. Give Closet Space Organization

Do you want to cut down on clutter in your closet spaces? Give bedroom closets extra functionality or optimize a pantry by purchasing inexpensive shelving. Add paint, if you like, and cut it down to size to fit the space inside of your closet. Be sure to leave room for hangers, if appropriate, and boxes and cubbies to hold your items.

6. Make a Small Room Larger

You can help a small space appear bigger without needing to knock down walls. Install a large mirror to open up the area, and paint each room a bright, cheerful shade if you decide to paint.

Adding a layer of stucco in your house may give you a brand new look. Find the best stucco services suited to your budget.

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