Our Favourite Sites For Awesome WAHMs!


There are a ton of really neat sites and communities out there, geared toward those that work the hardest — the kick butt work at home moms! Today I wanted to share a list of just a few which might be helpful to you fine ladies! Take care.

  1. is an informative online magazine for work at home mamas. The site is full of great articles about getting started as a WAHM, business opportunity listings and an active forum for chatting with others. Tons of advice and resources, especially for those new to the WAHM lifestyle.
  2. 5 Minutes For Mom isn’t necessarily WAHM specific, but it filled to the bring with great articles from seasoned pros and beginners alike. Definitely work a visit.
  3. WAHM Canada is, quite obviously, a great site specifically for Canadian WAHMs (like me!)
  4. Bizymoms is all about connecting moms, from talking about detailed adjustable bed review and comparison to building a community, especially within local circles. It is filled with great stuff!

Do you have a favourite WAHMish site? Do you chat with other WAHMs on forums?

Désirée Fawn is a blogger/doula from Ontario where she lives with her 2-year-old daughter, Gretchen.

She blogs at So Fawned.
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